As a voiceover talent you are a unique entity offering your specific qualities to the world. You just have to make sure that the people who need your services know about you. If they don't know about you, they can't contact you. If they can't contact you, they won't know that you can help them be successful. If you can't help them be successful, you don't make any money.

The Business of You

This is where a lot of voiceover artists get in trouble. You are self-employed. You are now the boss of your own company. You have to make the decisions that the owner or CEO of a company has to make in order to be successful. It's time to market "the business of You " to the outside world.

Your Website

You may already have joined one of the many online voiceover services. They may offer you a page on their site that looks just like every other page on their site. Of course you need to have that page in order to get their listings. But to make yourself stand out, you need to have your own Website also. Your Website can stand by itself and appear when a company or producer is using an online search engine. This gives you the best opportunity when decisions are being made. You can also link your Website from the voiceover service's page that you were assigned so that you can show that you are truly unique.

Your Brand

ElisaTo help you stand out as unique and sear your "brand" into the minds of decision-makers, the Voiceover Marketing Package includes a specially designed logo, business cards and a Website — all coordinated to visually make you stand out and create lasting impressions. Included in your Voiceover Marketing Package are placing your voiceover demos onto your Website so that your talents will be heard as well as seen.

Your Choice

Choose from the Voiceover Marketing Packages that suit your unique style and budget. These packages are professionally designed and produced to ensure that your marketing puts you in the very best light.